accoustic correction

SONY DSCSchroeder diffusers

From the point of psychophysiology of hearing, good dispersion of acoustic waves in the room is one of the most important factors to improve the sound quality. Diffusers must be made of materials that will allow her reflection to ensure effective dissipation of sound waves . So if the structure is made of sound-absorbing materials, their effectiveness drops down suddenly. This applies especially to all kinds of pyramid foam diffusers, made ​​of styrofoam, xps, etc.

Schroeder diffuser is the first structure having a dispersion closely described mathematically. Its operation is based on an appropriate summation of reflected waves with different phases of the rigid surface. The best sound dispersion is obtained by placing the diffusers in the points first sound wave reflection. They help to reduce the reverberation time, eliminate flutter echo and comb-filter effect . They doesn’t absorb sound too much in the room, keeping his acoustic liveliness . The modular design of the diffuser allows them to any compilation.



SONY DSCAbsorbing-diffusing elements

In addition to diffusing activities is often required absorbing characteristics. Absorbing-diffusing elements complements diffusers. The rigid, perforated front plate reduces absorption of high and medium frequencies, thus not simultaneously prevent lower frequencies, absorbed inside.


AM USTAWIENIE DYFUZORÓW B01-01Sample of acoustic elements distribution